About LSware

We will be a leader in the field of information protection based on our abundant technology and customer's trust.

CEO's Message

CEO of LSware Co Mr.Kim Minsoo.

CEO of LSware Co Mr.Kim Minsoo.

At LSware, our company motto is “We are here to provide a system to the customers to use it in a freer environment.”
In order to realize this motto, all of us at LSware believe in implementing our management philosophies (honesty, passion, sharing, friendship, & value) while continuously growing as a family and with our customers.
All of LSware employees promise to put our hearts and soul into completing the mission given by our customers through continuous research & development and technical supports. Our end goal is to be the system solutions partner needed by our customers.

In 2009, we locally produced server security products Omniguard so customers were able to replace imported products with locally designed system protection.
We will continue implementing the latest and most dependable technologies to satisfy our customers’ needs and become one of the top 50 global system software companies by year 2021.

In the future, LSware will continue…
to learn through our past,
to make our best efforts in the present, and
to prepare for the future,
as a single entity.

We thank our customers for their interest and support in our challenges
to realize the LSware vision and management philosophies.