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12.Excellent Corporation R&D Center Certification (Ministry of Science and Technology Information and Communication)

08.Selected as an R&D professional manpower utilization support project for 2020 employment crisis

06.Selected as an excellent venture in 2020 (Venture Business Association)

05.Selected for government R&D project (Open API Blockchain Platform for Fair and Transparent Settlement and Distribution of Theme, Background, and Signal Music Licensing Fees) Information and communication construction business registration)

04.Information and communication construction business registration

04.Selected for government R&D project (IITP small node multi-chain technology)

04.CC Certification – OmniGuard

03.CC Certification – SecuMS



12.2019 SP Certification Best Practice Awarded NIPA President Award

11.Selected as a support project for building learning organization infrastructure (Ministry of Employment and Labor)

11.Participated in K-security targeting business (Indonesia, KISA)

11.2019 International Copyright Technology Conference-related Achievement Award

09.Awarded the 3rd 2019 World Class Small and Medium Enterprises Award (KBIZ Small and Medium Business Federation)

06.Selected as a high-experience research manpower support project (Ministry of Small and Medium Venture Business)

05.Selected as an information security company customized export support business in 2019 (KISA)


03.Procurement OmniGuard UPV, UCC product registration completed



12.Procurement OmniGuard UAC product registration completed

09.Selected as Southeast Asia IT Exports Consortium in 2017 Small and Medium Business Administration

07.Selected as the Cloud Interoperability Consulting Target in 2017

07.Selected as ICT Business Model Innovation Support Project

05.Selected as participant of IT export consortium in Southeast Asia 2017

05.Participated in CommunicAsia 2017 (Marina Bay Sands, Singapore)

05.Selected as a participant of IT export consortium in Southeast Asia 2017


12.Information and Communication Industry Promotion Agency “Software Process Quality Certificate (SP Certification)” approved

12.The Minister of Science, ICT and Future Planning was awarded the “K-ICT New Software Award”

11.GS certification - FOSSGuard Enterprise V2.0

04.Selected as KOTRA’s domestic companies export enterprise support project

03.Celebrated the 11th anniversary of the founding and hold the vision 2020 ceremony



07.CC(Common Criteria) Certification – Omniguard UAC

02.Excellence award at the 14th Korea SW companies Competitiveness Congress ‘IT Solutions Sector’.by Korea Software Industry Association (KOSA)


11.New product – LicenseGuardOpen Source SW license compliance System

11.A patent application,open source software recommendation system, and method

11.Patent application,compatible open source software recommendation system and method

10.Won the Chairman of Director’s Award in ‘Copyright Technologies Sector’ from Korea Federation of Copyright Organization.

09.GS certification – SecuMS SecuMS : constant security vulnerability assessment system

09.Won the Administrator’s Award in the ‘Technological Innovation’ division at the Small & Medium Business Technological Innovation Congress.

05.Patent application,terminal services access control systems and methods in the open source software cloud computing environment

04.Partnership agreement for information security service cooperation
(Koscom& LSware)

03.Technology patent application,terminal services access control system and method in a cloud computing environment

03.GS certification - User Right Control/Audit Tracing Solution v3.4UCC : Unity Command Control

02.Won Excellence Award at the Korea SW companies Competitiveness Congress in Information Protection SW KOSA

02.GS certification - Server Access Control Solution v3.4UAC : Unity Access Control

01.Technology patent application, system, and method for automatically correcting host-based vulnerabilities in a cloud computing environment

01.GS certification - Server Account Management Solution v3.4UPV : Unity Pro Visioning



12.Technology patent application, system and method for automatically correcting host-based vulnerabilities
in a cloud computing environment

11.Recertification of the venture business

10.Selected by Small and Medium Business Promotion Corporation for “2013 Foreign Professional Worker Introducing Project”

09.Technology patent application,system and method for host-based vulnerability analysis in a cloud computing environment

08.New product - Omniguard UCC user right control/audit tracing solution

06.Technology patent application,“Earthquake Prediction System and Method”“System and method for automatically correcting host-based vulnerabilities in a cloud computing environment"

03.Technology patent application,“Host-based vulnerability analysis system and method in a cloud computing environment”

01.Moved HQ’s Office.


12.CC Certification – SecuMS constant security vulnerability assessment system

06.Domestic technology patent applicationTerminal Services Access Control System and Method in a Cloud Computing Environment

04.New product –Omniguard UAC for windows server access control solution for windows



06.Product Omniguard /USL(Session Logging) released


04.New productsUSL (server session logging solution)
UPV (server account management solution)
UAC (server access control solution)
SecuMS (constant security vulnerability assessment system)
SecuRMS (risk management system)


12.Domestic technology patent applicationIntegrated Health Monitoring System for Infra-structure based on Optical Fiber Sensor

10.Launched security vulnerability detection and management system(SecuMS)

05.Purchased source and business rights to Unifi Framework program U.S. Novell

03.Registered USA NOVELL Partner


12.certifications - InnoBiz innovative SME

10.certifications - ISO9001 / KS A 2007

10.Launched Risk Management System(SecuRMS) and registered trademark

08.certifications - MainBiz innovative management for SME

01.Relocation of the office building


11.certifications - venture company (R&D company)

01.England Fortify Software - Korean Distributor Agreement / Supply Unifi Framework


09.Developed SIAS security management system

02.Establishment of corporate security research institute

01.Inner Bus Log Analysis Solution Distributor


10.British Forte Asia regional distributors

09.Registered Symantec Platinum Partner

08.Developed ERC integrated server security policy management system

03.Established LSware Inc., & its attached Security Research Center.