About LSware

We will be a leader in the field of information protection based on our abundant technology and customer's trust.

LSware Overview

Based on the company’s concept of “client exists to provide systems that can be used in a more free environment”, LSware has built a portfolio of four areas in compliance, availability, protect, and security(CAPS). We also strive to meet our customers’ needs and improve the level of customer satisfaction in the specialized areas of the system’s construction and operation services.

In addition, based on the security services information accumulated over the years, Omniguard(Server), which includes SecuMS (Continuous Security Vulnerability Assessment System), UPV (Account Management System), UAC (access control), UCC Session Logging & Command Control), modules to enhance the overall security level of IT infrastructure and maximize availability security solution to protect valuable information resources of customers both inside and outside the world. We have partnered with Symantec, one of the world's leading information security companies, and leading solution vendors at home and abroad to provide proven information protection solutions and technical support services

We develop and supply FOSSGuard, which can be free from license disputes and check information about the licensing of open source software, and we are pursuing industrial drones that have high potential in many industries.

Not only we protect information but also doing our best to create general trends of IT technology by going through various projects for government agencies and development projects. We will do our best every day to become a leader in the field of information security solutions for the purpose of a mission for our customers.

Introducing LSware,
a company that always
challenge not to be
afraid of change.

Company LSware INC
C.E.O. Minsoo Kim
Established 21 Mar. 2005
Main Business Security Software Solution
(Server Protection and management products / Intellectual Property
Protection(Free and Open Source Software)
Address 18Fl., A-Tower, D-Polis, 606 Seobusatgil, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea.
Tel +82-2-6919-0321
Fax +82-2-6919-0329


Vision 2025

Be award “10Million Dollar Export Tower” 2025

Management Policy

Be a person with a grateful heart

Let's be a person with a heart of appreciation for family, friends, co-workers and customers

Corporate Principles

To provide a system for customers
to use in a freer environment

Management Philosophy

  • Honesty

    Business management whose fundamentals
    are right.

    Fair principles and compliance with them.

  • Passion

    Creative Ideas.


    Enthusiastic passion.

  • Sharing

    Sharing of resources
    and profits.


  • Friendship

    Treat our customers
    with sincerity.

    High standards.

    Customer’s delight.

  • Value

    Priority on customer’s values.

    Self-created values.

    Do not be afraid to change and execute.

Business Area

LSware meets the needs of customers in the field of IT security solutions, ranging from the development and delivery of various solutions based on the conformity of IT system services and the operation of systems.
To achieve this, we are expanding our business by creating a portfolio of four areas, Compliance, Availability, Protect, and Security(CAPS).
LSware aims to increase sales of its products to more than 70% of total sales, accelerating our export targets as well as the substitution effect of foreign products.

  • Ensure compliance with external laws and internal policies for Information Security and Management
    • SecuMS Regular Security Vulnerabilities Diagnostic System
    • Foss Guard Open Source SW Compliance Solution
  • Optimizing the management of information in IT resources and maximizing the value of information assets
    • IT Asset Management and Patch Management System Altris
    • Backup and restore solution system recovery
    • Integrated log analysis system
    • SOC safety monitoring system
  • Develop various solutions to protect intellectual property rights for copyrighted work
    • Open Source SW Licensing Service
    • Performance evaluation system of copyright protection technology
  • Effectively protect and manage customers’ IT systems and information from various threats
    • SecuMS & Omni-VM
    • Omni-IM integrated account management solution
    • Omniguard UPV System account management solution
    • Omniguard UAC Access Control Solution
    • Omniguard UCC Session-logging Solution
    • Window Session-logging Solution Spector
    • Audit Solution PowerBroker
    • Message Security Symantec Messaging Gateway
    • Endpoint Security Symantec Endpoint Protection