Develop new products and new technologies through research on future core technologies and build a technical basis for expanding new businesses

R&D Performance Task

Task Name Main Technology Performance Period
Interoperable Digital Human (Avatar) Interlocking Technology Between Heterogeneous Platforms - Blockchain connection/interlocking technology for mutual compatibility between metabus platforms
- Digital human ownership and identity integrated authentication technology through digital human NFT and DID
’23 ~ ‘25
Development of large-scale software license verification technology by cloud service utilization and construction type - Open source and share source license compatibility verification technology and consulting support technology development of services built with large -scale software of MSA structure
- Open source and share source software license judgment technology
- The service structure automatic analysis technology
- License compatibility judgment technology based on service structure
- License verification service of cloud and MSA structure service
’23 ~ ‘26
Development of trust-guaranteed metaverse media service platform - Development of NFT-based copyright and permission management (DRM) technology for video media played on metaverse
- Development of NFT-based copyright and license verification and illegal use tracking
’22 ~ ‘25
Development of an open metaverse asset platform capable of digital rights management - Development of asset market operation technology applying copyright and usage permission of assets used in metaverse space production
- Develop technology for writing and executing programmable license agreements
’22 ~ ‘25
Development of blockchain-based copyright protection and utilization technology to support large-scale virtual performance platforms - Development of copyright protection and royalty settlement technology for works used in metaverse-based large-scale virtual performance platforms
- Development of electronic copyright payment contract and automatic settlement
’22 ~ ‘24
Development of content copyright protection and application technology for digital holographic printers - In order to activate hologram printing technology, copyright information insertion, data encryption, and printing control technology to protect copyrights of content and block illegal copying.
- Development of digital hologram license and copyright information management technology.
- Development of high-speed generation and protection technology for digital hologram contents.
- Development of digital hologram printing system that can protect copyright.
- Development of digital hologram printing content authoring and application technology.
’21 ~ ‘23
Development of intelligent illegal crop (poppy) search system using vertical unmanned take-off and landing aircraft - Development of learning data purification technology through analysis and processing of drone-shot images or new image data
- Development of technology for ultra-high resolution of drone-shot images and de-identification of sensitive information
- Development of data storage and processing system for large-scale learning
- Development of illegal crop detection technology for crackdown
’21 ~ ‘22
Development of Open API blockchain platform technology for fair and transparent settlement and distribution of copyright fees for music sources during main distribution - Development of a blockchain system for the settlement of copyright fees for fair use of music sources during main distribution
- Development of a blockchain system for automation of the settlement system for sound source fee during complex main distribution
- Development of blockchain system for various types of copyright management organizations
’20 ~ ‘22
Development of multi-channel based blockchain technology to maximize performance in a small node environment - Development of blockchain technology that solves single variable block collision problems
- Development of blockchain technology that guarantees minimum processing performance (minimum TPS)
- Development of blockchain technology that can increase the processing performance (Scale-Up) as the number of nodes increases
’20 ~ ‘21
Development of Open Source Software Vulnerability Post Management Protocol based on SPDX - Proactive tracking and discovery technology of open source software vulnerabilities discovered after software development
- SW asset management technology that manages open source SW SPDX information
- Open source SW vulnerability information (CVE) and SPDX matching information transmission/reception technology
’20 ~ ‘21
Development of simulator and online consulting system for untact open source SW licensing and security consulting - Develop high-quality, non-face-to-face consulting and professional education services based on automation by installing simulator functions that can automatically verify SW license violations in non-face-to-face situations remotely
’20 ~ ‘21
Development of an intelligent ransomware detection solution based on an abnormal behavior prediction model - Development of intelligent ransomware blocking and recovery technology based on an abnormal behavior prediction model so that the server penetration path of ransomware malware can be identified step by step using the cyber kill chain technique and intelligent detection, blocking, and recovery procedures can be performed at each stage
- The collected new ransomware-related malware packet data is processed into machine learning learning data to verify and advance the model of the abnormal behavior detection program
’20 ~ ‘20
Blockchain based Monitoring Technology development for Webtoon contents Adjustment - Development of monitoring module for purchasing contents of webtoont
- Development of pre-inspection technology for purchasing evidence of buying of webtoon contents based on deep learning
- Development of a system to prevent forgery and falsification of the purchase of webtoon contents based on Blockchain
- Development of Blockchain based settlement monitoring system for proof of purchase of webtoon Contents
’19 ~ ‘20
Intelligent Honeypot based Ransomware block and recovery technology - Machine leaning based abnormal user behavior detection technology (log data based learning)
- Ransomware infection response technology by Cyber killchain based on user account management/access control/session logging/privilege management
- Intelligent honeypot based ransomware detection and control technology
’18 ~ ‘20
Development of anonymous network deanonymous technology for copyright protection - Build dark web, Dark internent, tor network packet analysis test-bed
- Development of technology for tracking PC and server connected to Tor network
’18 ~ ‘20
Development of diagnostic and analytical techniques for preservation, certification and identification of modern paintings - Development of analytical techniques such as DB construction and feature point/relationship diagram of modern paintings using multi-dimensional scanning technology such as terahertz
- Development of metadata management technology and encrypted content archiving technology based on blockchain based modern paintings
’18 ~ ‘20
Developing Simple Password Authentication being Compatible with PKI - Development and optimization technology of password and authentication protocol that can be installed in a smart power meter
- Implement PKI-based secure channel configuration technology with IOT and smart power meter devices
’18 ~ ‘19
Development of QA systems for Video Story Understanding to pass the Video Turing Test - Open source and licensing verification management for AI projects
- Developed a copyright guide for AI learning data and artifacts
- Development of learning data collection and management technology
’17 ~ ‘21
Real-time service system development of Jeju tourist AR contents using drones - Real-time service system development of Jeju tourist AR content that combines drone technology and AR technology
- Developed as a platform-type system for easy reusable system
’17 ~ ‘18
A Developments of Blockchain technology for exchanging microgrid renewable energy - Multi-Directional auction algorithm research
- Development of electric energy trading technology based on Ethereum blockchain
’17 ~ ‘17
The Study on Copyright New Service Model Using Block Chain Technology - Development issues of blockchain technology in copyright field and countermeasures research
- Developed new service model based on blockchain (3 kinds)
’17 ~ ‘17
The development &Demonstration of Energy Prosumer platform based on Network Security optimized for Industries - Development of anomaly detection technology for deep running based power data
- Development of OpenAPI technology providing password service and application technology of a power trading system
- Development of personal information protection technology using a cryptographic algorithm in the power trading system
’16 ~ ‘19
Technical development of invigorating the legal Open Source Software distribution on the protecting license environment of Open Source Software - Development of open source license conflict and verification automation technology
- Development of blockchain-based SPDX distribution technology
- Development of search technology on OSS and license recommendation based on reinforcement learning
’16 ~ ‘18