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  • LSware’s TAMTAM is an NFT marketplace where you can trade copyrighted properties as well as ownership of NFT artworks based on digital works. 
  • TAMTAM is a copyright blockchain platform where all rights of artwork can be traded, allowing you to issue and trade NFTs containing the ownership information of digital art based on the POLYGON chain, as well as trading the necessary copyright properties according to the intended use of the work by the buyer through a copyright license contract of the work. 

Key Features

  • nft 발행
    NFT Issuance
    • Issues NFTs through blockchain smart contracts
  • nft 거래
    NFT Transactions
    • Trades NFTs through blockchain smart contracts
  • nft 거래 내역 기록
    Transaction History
    • Stores ownership transaction history on the POLYGON blockchain to view later
  • 저작재산권 이용허락 계약
    Copyright Property
    Licensing Agreement
    • A non-exclusive licensing agreement entered into directly with the artist who created the work

Service Overview

tamtam 서비스 개요
  • An artist registers works and copyright information on TAMTAM
  • After registration is approved on TAMTAM, the artist issues an NFT for the approved work.
  • The artist can view/confirm the NFT ownership and copyright transaction history in the “details” area of the work page
  • The transaction history is automatically updated when an ownership transfer transaction or a license agreement is concluded

Expected Effect

  • NFT 민팅 과정에서의 저작재산권 침해 문제 방지

    Prevention of copyright infringement issues in the process of NFT minting

    TAMTAM checks ownership, copyright ownership, and transaction status when minting (issuing) NFTs

  • NFT 무단 사용에 의한 저작재산권 침해 방지

    Prevention of copyright infringement from unauthorized use of NFTs

    It is possible to enter into a license agreement by selecting only the desired copyright property according to need, rather than buying/selling only the ownership of the work

  • 작품 권리 거래에 대한 의사결정 보조

    Easier decision-making process for work rights transactions

    The buyer can check the history of the rights transactions for the work before purchasing the work since it is recorded and saved on the platform