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Open Source SW Compliance Solution

Free/ open source software compliance solution automatically analyze the source code of developed software to verify the use of open source and licenses and prevent potential licensing risks by checking for license conflicts


  • Automatic similarity
    analysis of FOSS
    • Automatic similarity analysis with open source
    • Provide similar FOSS file lists and license information
  • Original FOSS
    • Provides metadata and code comparison for original FOSS identification
    • Create a detailed reason for identification, such as license change, combining/ connecting method
  • Automatically check
    for license conflicts
    • Automatically checks open source license conflicts and provides crash results
    • Supports 78 OSI licenses and provides licensed professional
  • Automatically generate
    verification result reports
    • Generate a report by usage such as the detailed report, comprehensive report, etc.
    • Provides reports in various formats including PDF and XLS

Special Advantages

  • Efficiency
    • Efficient storage operations with source code compression on upload
    • Provides fast analysis results through optimal indexing and parallel processing
    • Streamlining verification services such as reanalysis
  • Convenience
    • Provide an easy and convenient environment for verification work with development project unit analysis and intuitive UI
    • Various functions, such as self-development and re-verification, a target for convenience of identification work
  • Reliability
    • Provides consistency of data through an open source database system and quality control
    • Ensures analysis consistency through optimal similarity analysis algorithm
    • Supports various programming languages and file extensions


Expected Effect

  • Reduce

    • Reduce business and legal risks from open source licensing risks
  • Increase

    • increase usability insecure open source with the effective risk elimination against license violations
  • Increase

    • Increase efficiency of license verification and manage efficient license compliance
  • Ensuring

    • Open source licensing verification for software products ensures reliability