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Access Control and Audit Solution

A remote access control system that enhances the security of information system management, records all work history, traces post-audit data with operator trace, and use command trace for shared accounts.


  • Session /
    User log
    • Unified system access path
    • User authentication manages access rights for Telnet, SSH, FTP, SFTP, and RDP remote access through the server access control system
  • Command
    • Provides encrypted communications section to prevent information leakage through the system user’s path
    • Provides command block to prevent system errors and downloads due to mistakes by system users
  • Access Control
    • User’s command execution history
    • Records work history and stores it in an audit log to support post-audit in case of failure and security incident
  • Report
    • View all task history and command
    • Filter and view job logs and commands
    • Support to create and output the reports according to regulations through CLIP Report Bundle

Special Advantages

  • Convenience
    • Manages operator tracking and remote access user integration for joint user accounts
    • Access control by user rights and automatic management due to permissions expiration
  • Security
    • Save all job logs from remote user login to log out
    • Replay and record 100% of the work in emulator operations such as vi, emacs, etc.
  • Stability
    • Provides a single-access path from a Proxy-gateway method
    • Security and safety due to the secure channel configuration
    • Up to 12 gateway complex redundancy configurations


Expected Effect

  • Strengthen

    • Strengthen system stability due to enhanced control of system access by authorized internal and external users
    • An external employee, Vendor employee access control
  • Increase Work

    • Quickly identify and respond to failures and security incidents with a record of all activity on remote access to the system
  • Improve

    • Enhance security through unnecessary access control to the system
    • Prepare Human error of system users