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Assessment, Audit Service

Vulnerability assessment, audit service

In the analysis and evaluation of the vulnerability, the technical inspection area deals with the setting of the actual security value of the system, and it is difficult for the security officer to know the technical information from the system, such as the command code and menu configuration.

SecuMS Express identifies vulnerabilities of servers, databases, web server, and network devices in bulk, provide solutions to detected problems, and it can vulnerability diagnosis and audit service that can continuously respond to security audit and compliance.

Major functions and features

  • Minimize managed
    • Use independent inspection tool without a separate management system
  • Utilization of
    diagnostic results
    • Use periodic system security audit evidence
    • Response to the vulnerability diagnosis from the compliance
  • Simplify
    diagnostic tasks
    • Check the internal results immediately after diagnosis
    • Provide an action guide for diagnostic results
  • Report
    • Use services such as diagnosis/action guide/report without external leakage of customer security data



  • Convenience

    • Creating a self-diagnostic infrastructure for vulnerabilities to analyze vulnerabilities and improve the level of information protection in the target system
  • Security

    • Establish an independent environment of vulnerability diagnosis for reliable operation of IT diagnosis service to ensure excellent security
    • Diagnosis of a stand-alone portable agent method that can perform vulnerability diagnosis in a various infrastructure environment
  • Availability

    • Support vulnerability diagnosis/analysis consulting based on reliable vulnerability diagnosis result [Major Compliance Response]