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Omniguard UAC

Access Control Solution

Omnigaurd UAC is server-based access control solution provides centralized management of consistent access control policies between heterogeneous servers and proactively blocking unauthorized access to the server to maximize the security of the operating system and the effectiveness of administrative tasks.


  • Access
    • Global access control policy support (Global Service Settings)
    • Policy support for access control groups (server, user)
    • Access control by access IP (Access IP Group Settings)
    • Access Control by port, remote terminal, shared folder access control (Windows)
  • Central
    • supports integrated management of server access control through the system's consistent access control policy management
    • Patch and upgrade through Web Browser (Remote Update)
  • Monitoring
    • Provides remote monitoring and retrieval of access control log history
    • Provides port control log history
  • Report
    • Reports on access allowed and denied events
    • Access control history filter report
    • Reports on permitting and denying access by specific time zones, systems, services, and users
    • Detailed report on host status/ selective reports on the contents of each host's alert log

Special Advantages

  • Convenience

    • Manage server access control through consistent access control policy management
    • Set up access and policies through the web without installing additional programs
    • Identifies the source IP and user connected to the Web Console
    • Support multiple windows OS integrated management
  • Security

    • Strengthen security through the management of unnecessary access control to the server
    • Server and account group can apply security policies
    • Ability to manage access rights for each server individually
    • Supports application of security policy by setting White List and Black List
  • Availability

    • Minimizes kernel modifications and patches during system operation, so there is no impact on system operation


Expected Effect

  • Convenience

    • System management through consistent access control policies of the system
    • Setting up access and policies through the Web Browser without a direct connection to the server
    • Easily view the history of the server connection information through the report
  • Security

    • Minimizes kernel modification and patches during system operation, so there is no impact on system operation
  • Availability

    • Strengthen security through unnecessary access to the system
    • Groups can apply identical/ differential security policy.